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Raymond James Stadium
Tampa, Fl

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Law Firms

We serve the legal community by providing expert witness testimony on complex construction disputes. We specialize in forensic scheduling, delay damages, subcontractor defaults, and detailed claims analysis.

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Real Estate Owners

Our team specializes in planning & CPM scheduling, and analysis of delay claims and contractor time-extension requests. We have assisted owners on projects of all sizes and scopes.

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We provide support at all levels and phases of construction - from planning and CPM scheduling, to delay, cost and claims analysis, and expert witness testimony.

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Insurance Carriers

We provide timely, cost-effective solutions to the insurance industry ranging from construction defect investigations, delay claims, surety bond claims, contractor defaults, and expert witness testimony.


Florida Construction and Scheduling Consultants is a leading provider of construction experts and consulting services to contractors, real estate owners/developers, subcontractors, and their legal counsel. Our experts specialize in construction planning & scheduling, forensic schedule analysis, construction claims analysis, and expert witness testimony.

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We plan and produce realistic and dynamic project schedules.


CPM Scheduling

We have drawn upon our claims and dispute avoidance experience to provide highly valued construction planning and CPM scheduling services to both real estate owners and contractors. We utilize our forensic skills and expertise, industry knowledge, process expertise, and standardized control systems to deliver CPM scheduling solutions beyond what is normally providing by other, low-budget consultants. Our scheduling professionals take steps to not only mitigate schedule risks, but to respond decisively and proactively when schedule variances occur. 

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Claims Consulting

Even the best-planned construction projects encounter issues and disputes. Whether you need assistance with a delay claim, time extension request, construction defect, differing site condition, or contactor default, we can help. We have a specialized team of experienced licensed engineers, scheduling experts, and construction claims professionals to meet the needs of real estate owners, contractors, insurers, and legal counsel involved in complex construction disputes.

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Expert Witness

Expert witness testimony is an integral part of our consulting practice. We began our expert witness consulting practice and established our reputation by specializing in forensic scheduling, delay analysis, and delay damages modeling/calculations. We have provided written and live expert testimony on hundreds of matters, spanning a wide variety of projects and venues. 

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Expert Witness Testimony

We deliver objective and independent analyses of complex construction matters based on years of technical field experience and industry knowledge. Our construction expert witnesses include professional schedulers, engineers, claims consultants, and construction management professionals who deliver bulletproof analysis to clients requiring niche expertise.

We tackle questions about CPM scheduling, project delays, construction defects, contractor defaults, and project costs/damages. Whether you're planning ahead, evaluating a claim, or preparing for mediation, arbitration or trial, we're here to help.

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