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We are an Orlando, Florida-based consulting firm specializing in CPM scheduling, construction claims consulting and expert witness testimony. We have worked on some of Florida's largest construction projects, in virtually every market sector, giving us an invaluable perspective on when, how, and why problems arise—and the unparalleled expertise to guide our clients through their disputes, and get back to business.


We work with construction managers, real estate owners, subcontractors and their attorneys. Our clients turn to us time and again based on our reputation for providing unparalleled professional guidance and impartial, credible consultation, forensic analysis and expert witness testimony. We welcome the chance to discuss your project and how we can help you plan, schedule and build project success.

Project Management Solutions


We have drawn upon our claims and dispute avoidance experience to provide construction Project Planning and CPM Scheduling, and Owner’s Scheduling Consultant services. We utilize our leadership skills, industry knowledge, process expertise, and standardized control systems to deliver solutions to tough challenges and to ensure successful completion of projects on-time and on-budget.

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3rd-Party CPM Planning & Scheduling

Owner's Scheduling Consultant


Forensic & Litigation Solutions

Even the best-planned construction projects encounter issues and disputes. Whether you need an Engineering Investigation, Claim Analysis, or Expert Witness, we can help. We have a specialized team of experienced licensed engineers, scheduling experts, and construction claims professionals to meet the needs of real estate owners, constructors, insurers, and counsel involved in complex construction disputes and construction-defect litigation.
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Construction Claims Consulting
Forensic Schedule Analysis
Expert Witness Testimony
Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witness testimony is an integral part of our consulting practice. We began our practice and established our reputation specializing in Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling, delay analysis and delay damages calculations. Our experts are industry leaders and credible testifiers in the following areas.

  • Schedule Delays & Disruption Claims
  • Quantification of Delay Damages
  • Lost Productivity Claims
  • Extension of Time

  • Delay Analysis Methodologies

  • Schedule Review & Analysis

  • Schedule Recovery, Delay Mitigation & Acceleration

  • Construction Planning & Sequencing

  • COVID Claims

  • Force Majeure

Our professionals can provide support to your legal team as a technical consultant or as a testifying experts. Our team is experienced in mediation, deposition, arbitration and trial court proceedings. We are also experts in preparing clear and easy-to-understand demonstrative exhibits used to support our opinions. We can assist your legal team with:
  • Expert Reports
  • Rebuttal Reports
  • Mediation Presentations
  • Document Discovery & Review
  • Answers/Preparation of Interrogatories
  • Preparation of Deposition Questions
  • Trial Graphics & Demonstrative Exhibits
  • Expert Testimony at Deposition & Trial
We have expanded our Construction Expert Witness practice to include the following:
  • Property Claims
  • Surety Claims
  • Forensic Engineering​
  • Buildings Defects

How can we help plan, schedule & build project success?

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We deliver objective and independent analyses of complex construction matters based on years of technical field experience and industry knowledge. Our construction experts include schedulers, engineers, consultants, and construction management professionals who deliver solutions to clients requiring niche expertise.

We tackle questions about CPM scheduling, project delays, construction defects, completion plans, and project costs/damages. Whether you're planning ahead, evaluating a claim, preparing for mediation/trial, or responding to a crisis, we're here to help.


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