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Expert Testimony

Expert Witness Testimony

"Credible & persuasive"

Expert witness testimony is an integral part of our consulting practice. Our experts are respected and credible testifiers, with subject-matter expertise in the following areas:

  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling

  • Schedule Delays& Disruption Claims

  • Quantification of Delay Damages

  • Lost Productivity Claims

  • Termination & Default

  • Construction Cost Engineering

  • Insurance & Surety Claims

  • Building Forensics / Construction Defects

  • Project Management

  • Contract Administration


Our professionals can provide support to your legal team as a technical consultant or as a testifying expert. Our team is experienced in mediation, deposition, arbitration and trial court proceedings. We are also experts in preparing clear and easy-to-understand demonstrative exhibits used to support our opinions. We can assist your legal team with:

  • Expert Reports

  • Rebuttal Reports

  • Mediation Presentations

  • Document Discovery & Review

  • Answers/Preparation of Interrogatories

  • Preparation of Deposition Questions

  • Trial Graphics & Demonstrative Exhibits

  • Expert Testimony at Deposition & Trial

Project Neutral


We also provide project neutral services. These services are based on the tenet: disputes are inevitable, but claims and law suits are not.


A neutral can provide fast and private resolution of disputes that helps preserve the relationship of the parties and minimize the impact on current and future projects.

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