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Construction Defects / Property Damage Claims

"Uncovering the root cause"

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Our experience in engineering and construction management brings real time expertise to forensic investigations. We investigate and analyze complex construction problems. We examine structures, materials, systems, designs, installation sequencing and practices to uncover the root cause of a problem and determine liability. Our experts investigate and advise our clients of the cause, solution and estimated costs associated with the corrective actions.

  • Site Inspections

  • Standard of Care Reviews

  • Building Code Compliance

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Remediation Cost

  • Forensic Defect Evaluation

  • Destructive/Non-destructive Testing

  • Building Envelope/Moisture Infiltration

  • Water Damage/Mold

  • Property Damage Assessment

  • Material Quality

  • Litigation Support

  • Expert Testimony 

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