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Construction Claims Analysis

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Construction and risk go hand-in-hand and disputes can arise on the best-managed projects. However, most claims can be minimized and quickly resolved by involving a construction claims specialist to provide an independent and objective analysis of the issues at hand. With our specialized knowledge and expertise in construction claims evaluation, preparation, and recovery, we guide clients through the issues most common in construction disputes. Our review and analysis identifies the facts about what exactly went wrong; compares performance against the plans, specifications and schedule; quantifies added costs and damages; and assists in allocating liability among the parties.

Our staff are highly qualified in:

  • Forensic Schedule Analysis (specialists in AACEi 29R-03 Forensic Schedule Analysis Recommended Practice)

  • Delay Damage Quantification & Modeling

  • Disruption & Lost Productivity Claims

  • Contractor Default & Termination

  • Cost Engineering

  • Expert Services

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We can assist in the preparation of a claim or prepare a rebuttal analysis pointing out errors and flaws in the other party's claim. Our people find ways to present their analysis in a manner that is persuasive, simple to understand and technically robust.


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