Delay Claim Analysis

Schedule delay analysis can be one of the most frequently contentious areas of testimony provided by expert witnesses. Proving who and what caused a project delay is often a critical aspect of resolving claims and disputes. Our experts specialize in schedule delay analysis using the most recognized and accepted analysis methodologies, in the industry - such as:

  • Contemporaneous Period Schedule Analysis

  • Time Impact Analysis

  • As-Planned vs. As-Built Schedule Analysis

Our expert staff maintain certification by AACE International as Planning & Scheduling Professionals (PSPs). We follow AACE International Recommended Practice No. 29R-03 Forensic Schedule Analysis.

We use our expertise in critical path method (CPM) scheduling to compare planned versus actual progress along the critical path of the project schedule. Our experts pinpoint the most vital issues along the critical path, quantify the magnitude of delays, and evaluate the causation and entitlement of the impacts. Our independent analysis of documentation serves to reconstruct actual contractor performance, assessing causation, and evaluating delay claims and damages.

In conjunction with the schedule analyses, we assist clients in quantifying all types of monetary damages, including: lost productivity; labor and material cost escalation; acceleration-related costs; extended job and home office overhead; liquidated damages; and other financial impacts.

Our schedule and damages analyses can form the basis of settling disputed by providing our clients with the information they need regarding the excusability and compensability of project delays.

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