Planning & Scheduling Services

We are specialists in critical path method (CPM) scheduling. Our certified professionals are adept at creating and evaluating bid, baseline, updated, and recovery schedules, as well as performing complex schedule delay analyses. We perform schedule reviews with a trained eye toward identifying potential delays and extra work issues, while also providing real-time forensic analysis.

Construction Claims Analysis & Dispute Resolution

When it comes to claims and disputes, we have one primary goal in mind: to give our clients the information they need to make decisions. We drill down to the truth—good, bad or otherwise. We methodically research the details of the project, identifying the source of the issue, its effect on the parties, and its resolution. We do this all without assumptions or bias.

Expert Witness Testimony

We are also highly qualified to provide expert testimony at deposition, trial, or arbitration. Our role is to erase ambiguity—effectively communicating the facts and getting to the truth.

Other Consulting Services

We also offer professional and technical expertise in:



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Delay Claim Analysis



Claims Consulting



Expert Services

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